MOST NBA fans have considered the Cavaliers vs. Warriors rivalry to be this generation’s version of the Boston Celtics vs the Los Angeles Lakers. While it still lacks the longevity, it surely has loads of potential considering that they have met in every NBA finals since 2015.

However, the Cleveland Cavaliers are currently down 2-0 in the Eastern Conference Finals to a young, upstart Celtics team. In the West, the Warriors decimated the Houston Rockets 119-106 in Game 1 but the Rockets took their best punch and responded in equal measure in a 127-105 thrashing in Game 2, causing some pundits to scratch their heads and wonder: Is there a possibility we might not see these rivals face each other in the finals this year?

CAVS. You bet it is in danger, with much more trepidation on the Eastern side of the equation. In the middle of the season when Kyrie Irving opted to undergo knee surgery, nobody was high on the Celtics winning the East despite the fact that they finished as No. 2.

But incredibly, they fought through attrition against the Milwaukee Bucks and the favored Philadelphia 76ers to book a spot in the Conference Finals.

Featuring a hard-nosed defense, and an eclectic approach to playing basketball from Coach Brad Stevens, they have dominated the Cavaliers in two games and clearly have the edge despite game 3 being played in Cleveland.

James has done everything he can for this team and has practically dragged this motley crew kicking and screaming into these Eastern Conference Finals.

It didn’t help matters that he had an off night in Game 1, scoring only 15 points. But even when he went into superhuman mode again in Game 2, they fell short.

With only Kevin Love to back him up, it doesn’t bode well for these Cavs. I know that Lebron has been down 0-2 before and this team has even fought back from a 1-3 deficit in the 2016 NBA Finals- the only team to do so in league history, but it’s not the losses per se.

It’s how bad they lost in those two games and the stark realization that James doesn’t have much help and is practically a one-man team.

Speaking of help, what’s with JR Smith going 0-4 from the three-point range and 0-7 from the two-point range to finish with a grand total of nada in game 2?

LAST ROUND. It’s on my prolific and brilliant kumpare, Atty. Pablo John Garcia, who celebrated his birthday yesterday. Cheers!