Sunday August 19, 2018

Rush to my sweet Guimaras!

SO sweet of you my lovely Guimaras! You are small but terrible.

Look at your beaches, your people and the matchless sweetness of your mangoes.

Mangoes can best describe how great Guimaras is.

Sweet and juicy outside but hard inside.

The hard seed in a mango speaks well of the rich history of Guimaras known as the smallest province in the Philippines.

The very young Lieutenant Douglas MacArthur constructed the roads and the Santo Rosario wharf or Mac Arthur wharf in Buenavista.

The one that the people use as their entry and exit points to the province.

Tourists came to and from Guimaras because of its accessibility.

A 15-minute boat ride from Iloilo at P14 daytime fare and P20 in the afternoon, one can truly enjoy Guimaras.

You can even tour the five towns of Guimaras – the capital Jordan, Buenavista, San Lorenzo, Sibunag and Nueva Valencia - in a day and you can just go home in the afternoon with no hassle.

You can even hum or whistle a song while on board a motorized boat seeing the beautiful sceneries of the beaches and mountains complimenting each other.

There is no traffic congestion in Guimaras.

Can you imagine seeing three to four vehicles or tricycles traversing the streets? Incomparable! No stress at all.

Guimaras is currently celebrating its 25th Manggahan Festival from May 11 to 22.

Their come on to tourists is the unlimited mango eating. For 30 minutes, consume all the mangoes you can at P120. One person has finished 20 or five kilos of mangoes in 30 minutes. The other one finished 18 mangoes.

For the duration of the whole festival, Guimaras prepared 16 tons of mangoes. Converting it to kilos, it is 16,000. Counting it to pieces, it is 64,000 mangoes.

Tourism Regional Director Helen Catalbas invites everyone to explore Guimaras, and also other tourist destinations in Western Visayas.

There's more to enjoy in those tourist destinations!