HERE are some make-up tips that are so simple to do in your everyday make-up.

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1. To maintain the shape and arc of your eyebrows, always check if there are regrowths so you can pluck it out. If you pluck it regularly to maintain its shape, you don't have to go to the salon for reshaping and plucking.

2. If you don't have an eye fold, you don't have to undergo cosmetic surgery because you can create the illusion of an eye fold by applying a dark eye shadow (darker than your eye shadow) at the middle of your eye crease, just make an arc that follows the shape of your eyes.

3. Use a darker foundation to contour your face. An example is that if you want to make your chin appear thinner, apply a darker foundation around the jaw line and below the chin. If you want to make your cheeks appear thinner, apply a dark foundation below your cheekbones then blend it so it won't appear obvious.

4. If you want your lipstick to last longer, apply a little loose powder after applying your lipstick then brush it with your lipstick brush.

5. Do not apply too many coatings of mascara in your eyelashes to avoid it from clumping. Brush it with eyelash brush to make it look finer.

6. Apply a powder after applying a foundation to make your foundation last longer.

I will give you more make-up tips in the future issues. See you! If you have any components and suggestions please e-mail me at or call/ text 09195354448/ (074) 3093763