THE long wait is over. After the tedious preparation of the necessary documents with all the revisions in compliance with governmental procedural prerequisites, the cash prizes for the winners in the different events played during the Centennial Barangay Day Celebrations held on November 22 to 24, 2010 at the Baguio Athletic Bowl were finally released and ready for claiming.

On January 19, 2010, held at the Multi-purpose Hall of the Baguio City Hall was the awarding of the prizes. The attendance of the different Barangay officials, Health workers, Tanods, Lupon members, SK and other barangay volunteers, who likewise participated in the Barangay Day Celebrations, was of course the most important. Upon whom did the success of the event particularly depend? Upon our barangay leaders for after all, it was their event.

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It was just quite unfortunate that some came that late. Well, it is better late than never as others may say, but it is still the best if we are punctual. Punctuality is one of utmost importance. Our barangay officials were commended on their punctuality during the Baguio Centennial Parade. It just means they value time, and hopefully this happens in every activity whether spectacular or trivial.

Anyway, happy and excited faces filled the Hall during the awarding. Each one eager to hear his name called because apart from the regular cash prizes for the games, raffle prizes were likewise given-shirts, gifts from Veterans Bank, and sacks of rice from AAKAP now called Alim (Action League of Indigenous Masses) headed by Colonel Don Ferdinand Daquial. In addition, Honorable Joel A. Alangsab gave special prizes, and so did Mayor Reinaldo A. Bautista Jr.

Not everybody got hand of a shirt, gift, sack of rice, but the feeling of achievement reigned. The spirit of oneness among the various barangay districts once more lighted the hearts of the barangays. Knowing that they have participated in the events with much fun was enough. It may have been tiring but it was indeed fulfilling. Although rivalry was there as it is in every competition, it did not stain the noble intention of camaraderie.

Yes, protests rose in some of the events. This fact is inevitable in games. However, these protests were settled by the participants. Integrity was and is expected which must be above greed.

Above all, the sense of unity and achievement is the real prize we derive from the Centennial Barangay Day Celebrations, neither the money nor any material thing we hold.

This Centennial Barangay Day Celebrations has set a standard, which is in truth a good criterion for future celebrations. All is done and it is now both a hope and a challenge to all that the succeeding Barangay Days would exude the same fellowship as was seen in the last. Kudos to all those who worked hard for it and our Congratulations to all the participants!

Likewise, congratulations to the winners of the Barangay Christmas Lights Competition 2009.

Hillside Barangay got the first place, followed by Pacdal and City Camp Central Barangays respectively. Barangays Kabayanihan, Imelda Marcos and Irisan received consolation prizes.