DURING the regular season, pundits doubted if the Cleveland Cavaliers would ever make it out of the East.

​With the departure of Kyrie Irving, it was inevitable that team chemistry would be the issue in the Isaiah Thomas experiment.

Unfortunately, it didn’t seem to work and the Cavs looked inconsistent and beatable.

Even with the best player on the planet on that team.

BEST. But true to his epithet, James responded with career best numbers this year, even at the age of 33 years and playing in his 15th season.

​James also had to deal with all the drama going on and the multi-player trade that saw him get younger, more athletic but less experienced role players.

But even with all that, it looks like James is going to drag this motley crew kicking and screaming into the NBA Finals.

​Down 0-2 just a couple of days ago, the Cavs won the next two games on their homecourt.

​Now they go back to Boston with the momentum swinging their way.

CELTICS. Not so fast, the Boston Celtics would say.

All the Cavs did was to hold serve, and with each team winning their respective home games, the Celtics are still favored considering they have the series homecourt advantage.

The Celtics run also has an interesting backstory all its own, with the loss of Irving and Gordon Hayward and the rise of the eclectic Brad Stevens as one of the brightest minds in the game.

RECORD. In game 4, despite the fact that Lebron still needed to score 44 points, much-needed help was on hand.

Tristan Thompson and George Hill each contributed 13 while Korver added 14.

Hill will be a vital cog in the Cavalier offense as he has to share some of the playmaking duries with James. If the Cavs are to pull this one off, Hill has to play well.

History isn’t exactly on Lebron’s side on this one. When his team has been down 0-2 in a series he has won 2 and lost 4.

But then again, if he gets past the Celtics and goes on to win the championship, this could be his greatest season yet.

VERBATIM. “Hindi kami mag-iisip ng mga knockout, ang sa amin lang, kung ano ‘yung plano namin, turo ni coach, ano ‘yung game plan namin, ‘yun ang susundin namin.”- Jerwin Ancajas on fighting Jonas Sultan (http://www.rappler.com).

LAST ROUND. It’s on my niece, Yanna Isabelli Chanco Quijano, who celebrates her birthday this week. Cheers!