Saturday August 18, 2018

Y-Speak: Save the world, it’s not too late

AS WE all know, our environment plays as a significant role in our lives. It provides the needs of every living creature to live.

However, we humans are committing actions and decisions that are negatively impacting the environment -- causing pollution, deforestation, and overfishing, among others.

As the popular saying goes, “Where will we live tomorrow if our Earth is destroyed today?”

As common as the phrase is, it emphasizes the importance of the earth and reminds us that whatever we do every day, we should consider the impacts on its environment.

When we look around us, the environment is not the same as before.

Buildings are rising and factories are being established to gain profit.

Man's nature to seek wealth has affected the environment.

There are companies that have become environmentally irresponsible, neglectful, and insensitive. They are ready to do anything to earn more money.

A clear example is Boracay. Businesses and individuals banked on its beauty and these resulted to the island having environmental problems. The government has to close the island just to rehabilitate it.

We can change for the good. We can change our actions to save and care the environment and make a better community to live in.

Wherever you are, be responsible of the environment; so that the next generation will be able to appreciate it too.

It is not too late to save our world. We as a community can do our part in conserving and caring for the environment. I believe that small actions can make a huge difference in saving our environment. (Gaudencia M. Omboy, Notre Dame of Misayap College intern)