Tuesday August 21, 2018

Tell it to SunStar: False teachings

I AM proud to say that I have been a sincere and honest student of the Bible since almost 40 years ago. The teachings I learned from the Bible contradicted the teachings of organized religion.

But I had to remain humble about what I learned. So I gathered all my guts and strength to preach that all organized religion are not true religions. Because the Bible, which is accepted as truth by all Christians in all walks of life, has defined in James 1:27 what is true religion. No organized religion informed its members about this definition.

True religion is to refrain oneself from being corrupted by the world. From Genesis to Revelation, the Bible mentioned many perfect people who were never sorrupted by the world. They never commited mistakes or sins. They were totally blameless, faultless and sinless.

Now since the Bible is considered truth, I wonder why no writer, journalist, reporter, filmmaker, preacher, politician, professional, ordinary citizen or Bible reader, tell stories about the lives of these perfect people. Among them was Joseph, son of Jacob.

We should be influenced by how the perfect people lived and behaved. Because the real teachings of the Bible must result in making earth heaven.

If I have the names and resources myself, I will be the one to tell people: write stories depicing perfect people in the bible.--Chito E. Germino