ONE great author wrote that Filipinos belong to politically mature races. He further added that Filipinos are politically active individuals. For these reasons, once again the prying eyes of international media are focused on the upcoming May elections. One of the best political laboratories in the world is the Philippines. It is not only popular because of violence related to elections but also of the great fraud that goes with the elections.

In late November of 2009, the world was shocked of the greatest media killing in the Philippines. It is so the most brutal election-related scandal - The Maguindanao massacre. This is also tagged today as the Ampatuan-led massacre. I asked a student to conduct a random interview among his fellows regarding the issue and he was amazed to inform me that a lot of his fellows were not aware of the accusations against Ampatuan or majority of those he had conversations with were not knowledgeable of the developments of the massacre issue. He told me that it seems that the youth are not concerned of the events around them.

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Donson John Sadava, an irregular working student of the UNO-Recoletos College of Information Technology, was saddened by the fact that his fellows are not well-versed on the Ampatuan case. He informed me that he had gathered opinions of his fellow youth regarding the developments of the case against the Ampatuans and he was amazed at the fact that only a handful are updated regarding the case.

Let me share to you now the reactions and opinions of Donson and his friends regarding the developments of the Maguindanao Massacre:

During the past years, we heard different news about political, social, economical and even showbiz that affect our society. But last December, the issue of the Maguindanao massacre is one that is unforgettable of all because the case will be solved by 20xx.

Whether the suspect is guilty or not. The incident will be very memorable to the Filipino people who have witness or had seen the 57 corpses. I sometimes I ask myself: "Do we still have justice in this place...?"

Like what I always hear, "Bulag ang Hustisya sa Pilipinas." Many people cannot comprehend the meaning of this adage. They do not know what's the real meaning of it, and yes, that's true the justice is blind, blinded by the dark age of life who has a dark soul within it.

So, how can they say that the suspects are not guilty, if there were lots of evidences hurled against them? It is obvious to all that this is not the only crime that they had committed, there are still lots of crime that they have commit but were hidden from the public scrutiny. Some "big" people are behind this.

The issue affects our social life and the lives of students because we are living with stupid leader. Leaders, who do not know how to run the affairs of the State but, only know how to corrupt and misuse the money of the people. These leaders should never be given a chance to hold public offices. So how this country can became better, if there are leaders like what we have today?

As a student, I thought all leaders were educated person. But, why can't they understand simple instructions? Even a grade school student could understand and obey simple rules? It is the responsibility of each leader to learn or to understand, to respect and to protect their masters - the simple Filipino."

Donson is fom the City of Talisay and is a working scholar at UNO-Recoletos. He helps us in the office of Student Affairs. His inquisitive mind would often bring out good opinions and ideas from among his friends and colleagues. I encourage the youth like Donson, Saisai, Dana, Carmen Jesusa, Jefferson and many more young people like you to think loud and participate in the affairs of the State by voicing out your ideas, which are often better that the elders'.

If you have opinions that you want to be written feel free to email it to me at Thank you.

Shame on you City officials of La Carlota who have promised the community of Pait-Batuan relocation site of lighting. Until this very moment, the community have no electrical lines. It has been a year already. May you and your families suffer the same fate in the near future. These are people who were relocated in favor of a subdivision development. May God have no mercy on your souls. I encourage the young people of La Carlota to rally against the incumbent and not to vote for leaders who are filled with empty promises. Shame on you "useless servants" of the City Government of La Carlota.

Pope John Paul II, Sts. Sebastian and Ezekiel Moreno, pray for us.