THE death of a five-year-old girl who drowned at the government-owned Kagay-an Resort (KR) in Cagayan de Oro City is now being investigated by the City Hall, a Sun.Star source said.

"It is being investigated to determine possible negligence by any government employee or official," said the source, who spoke in condition of anonymity because the probe is ongoing.

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KR administrator Baby Campbell said AJ Ebona of Barangay Macabalan died shortly after she drowned while swimming with family at KR on January 10.

Campbell blamed the death of the child on the absence of government transport in the resort, including the budget constraints being suffered by the city-owned R and R destination.

A request for a service vehicle had been made two years ago when a special child also died of drowning in the pool, she said.

The request-coursed through City Tourism Officer Imma Rae Gatusla-had not been acted until now, said Campbell.

Reached for comment, Gatuslao explained her side on the issue but begged off to be quoted on record in deference to the investigation, which is being conducted by the office of Mayor Constantino Jaraula.

In both drowning incidents, Campbell said, the lifeguards at KR failed to notice that a body had already sunk at the bottom of the pool because "the flooring is already covered with moss. You could hardly see anything on the bottom."

That's how underfunded KR is, its administrator said, "we can barely afford to buy cleaning agents for the pool."

Even the regular chlorination of the pool, she said, is not followed because of lack of budget-potentially endangering public health.

Campbell explained that she had been submitting annual budget proposal for the KR, which generates its own revenue by renting the pool and the cottages within the resort's compound in Sitio Taguano, Barangay Indahag.

These proposals, however, have not been acted by the City Tourism Office for several years, contributing to the deterioration of resort services, she said.

Formerly Lawndale Spring, KR was closed is currently closed

Formerly Lawndale Spring, the Kagay-an Resort in the Taguanao area is the only government-owned R and R center in the city.

Families and groups commonly visit the resort's swimming pool to lounge in its cold springs.

Mayor Jaraula closed the resort last week following the drowning incident. (DVA)