KATMANDU, Nepal— Nepal's Maoist former rebels Friday withdraw a threat to launch an indefinite general strike that would have paralyzed the Himalayan nation.

The communists announced last month they would impose the strike Sunday in continuing protests against President Ram Baran Yadav.

The Maoists are demanding that Yadav admit he acted unconstitutionally when he reversed their government's decision to fire the army chief last year. They also want the current coalition government disbanded.

Political tensions have been high since the Maoist-led government resigned in May 2009 amid the dispute with Yadav over the army chief's refusal to incorporate former Maoist fighters into the military.

Since then, the former rebels have protested regularly in the streets and in parliament.

The Maoists gave up their armed revolt — in which an estimated 13,000 people died — in 2006 to join a peace process. Their fighters have been confined in U.N.-monitored camps after the group joined mainstream politics. (AP)