TOP motivational speaker, management trainer and celebrity `superdad' Anthony Pangilinan proudly introduces himself as `Chief Disturber' of Businessworks, Inc., a major player in the human resource development industry in the country.

During one of the numerous trainings he attended in the past, Anthony discovered that one cannot teach others to learn, he can only `disturb'.

Last January 15, 2010, Anthony remarkably `disturbed' around a thousand parents during an inspiring seminar with the theme, "Parenting: A Challenge in the Rapid Change of Time".

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Held at the Davao Christian High School (DCHS) Auditorium, the free parenting seminar is a project of the DCHS Parents-Teachers Fellowship (PTF) exclusively for the school's parents and teachers, in partnership with Abbott Philippines and through the generous sponsorship of Chickies and Patties, InterMed Marketing Philippines Incorporated, Marco Polo, Colourland, Imageworld, Imagine Fotofun Studio and Playa Azalea.

Being a parent is a role closest to Anthony's heart, just like his mega-wife Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan, he is "passionate in advocating effective parenting and in bringing positive change in the home for our society's progress".

Blessed with four wonderful children, Ella, Donny, Hannah and Benj, the "Huwarang Ama" and "Huwarang Ina" awardees are behind The Parenting Company Inc. (TPC). TPC "offers parenting and family training programs and services. It aims to educate and equip parents and individuals with effective techniques and to build up essential skills in strengthening families today."

In his talk, Anthony candidly shared his myriad of experiences as a father. He reminded fellow parents to "become great stewards of their children for them to develop their maximum potential".

"As parents, we should know our gifts and that of our children's. Traditional training is to focus on the weaknesses, not the strengths. But, for me, it is more important that we focus on the A's and not the F's. We must study our children's environment to know the reason why they achieve and why they fail", Anthony stressed.

The businessman/70.3 Iron Man finisher cautioned parents not to be too obsessed with winning. Instead, he advised that "parents should prepare and teach their children how to lose." He explained that through losing and rising above obstacles, a child's character is built and his/her eventual transformation will lead to success.

In this high tech world where parenting becomes extra challenging, Anthony encouraged parents not to forget to be "high touch", too.

Among his helpful tips to `high tech and high touch parenting' are to join Facebook for parents to keep abreast of their children's interests and friends; making dinner time and the dining table sacred; and partnering with other parents, teachers and `yayas' which he believes is an important key to parenting.

Concluding the seminar, Anthony answered several questions from the audience who eagerly asked for advice on a wide range of concerns from how to address `barkada' issues, provide better quality time for the family and different discipline styles.

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