DAVAO City has registered a total of 25,646 business permit applications, both for renewal and new-registration for the year.

Of these applications, 623 business permits are for new-registration while 25,023 business permits are for renewal.

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This is according to the January 4 to 20 statistics on business permit collection during the renewal period for the year's first quarter, said Treasury Operation Review Unit chief Teresita Reyes of the City Treasurer's Office (CTO).

The collection on business taxes is worth P171,524,870. Adding the regulatory fees (e.g. garbage, permit fees) of 43,159,061, this sums up to a total collection of P214,683,930, Reyes said.

Reyes said the first quarter's target number was only 25,000, but the actual number of business permits processed exceeded such target with 25,646 permits.

"Based on the past years we've recorded 500 new business applications annually but this also rises every year. Along the way there are retirement of business permits like the businesses closed. By the end of the year we always have around 30,000 business permits processed. When business permit renewal comes by January we have 25,000 as target," Reyes said.

In comparing the number of approved business permit applications between 2009 and 2010 (with this year's data only up to yesterday) it showed that more business permits were approved this year.

There were 23,934 business permits approved in 2009 while there were 25,505 approved this year during the period of January 4 to 20.

Reyes said they expect this year's number of approved business permit applications to rise in the next days as they are still finishing the encoding process.