A BROADCASTER in Gingoog City who was earlier reported missing since Thursday is "not missing but gone into hiding," according to the local police.

Police Director Leony Roy Ga of Gingoog Police Station said Emmanuel "Manny" Ansihagan, blocktimer of Radyo Natin and columnist of Caraga Times, has been hiding after receiving death threats through text messages.

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Ga quickly made the announcement after Ansihagan's colleagues failed to contact him through his mobile phone. He relayed the announcement to Teddy Sabugaa Jr., executive director of the Provincial Peace and Order Council (PPOC), who in turn forwarded the message to his other colleagues in the media.

Ansihagan, according to Ga, cannot be contacted because he changed his mobile number to prevent him from receiving threats through text messages.

Ansihagan's brother told police that his brother is safe and sound, contrary to what has been reported.

Before he went into hiding, Ansihagan reported to police about the death threats he received through text messages.

As a blocktimer, Ansihagan is very vocal in criticizing the illegal logging issue in Gingoog City over his program in Radyo Natin. (ALR)