Monday August 20, 2018

Editorial: Wishing to fail

IN TODAY'S new age bandwagon, there is the power of manifestation where new age gurus teach their followers to just focus on the positives and imagine the riches and successes one aspires to reach as already manifested.

That, they say, is how to manifest wealth, love, and success in a scale you can only imagine.

Now, think of the minority who are doing their best to pull down a government that has been helping the poor, albeit having a leader whose language begs to be washed with detergent...

You will see an organized group doing everything to manifest failure for a country that we call home. Will we allow that? No.

They've had all their opportunities to strip the country to its poorest, corruption has been at its most avaricious levels and hubris was how government officials and their cronies conducted themselves.

Now here comes an old mayor trying to set things right, with an equally old Cabinet working till late in the evening. The least we can do is contribute to ensure that our country makes it through and emerges as the power that it has long had the potential of becoming, until all its leaders thought to make plunder their pastime while in position.

President Rodrigo Duterte, himself, acknowledges the actions of those who want him and the country to fail. As he said in his Independence Day speech, “Sadly, more than a century since our heroes liberated us from foreign subjugation, our nation still has to face enemies that attack from within.”

We can only do our part as responsible citizens to rid our surroundings and our values of the evil that we have been made to imbibe throughout all these years, such that we expect our government to always be corrupt, as if that is a fact we can never do away with.

“I have made it my personal mission to rid our nation of these ills, but I cannot do it alone. At this crucial juncture in our history, we need to draw strength from the lessons of our past to ensure that these ills do not cause any more damage to our future," he said.

We know the problem, he knows the problem, except that, we have lived with such for so long, we have accepted this as our reality and would rather not rock the boat.

Indeed, Independence Day is the best day to ponder on the slaves we have allowed ourselves to become, totally accepting of the leaders we have been electing to position for over a century now, expecting them to steal and protect their personal interests, because that is what government people do.

What does the President have to say for the few who call him as traitor?

This: “Our constitution guarantees freedom of the press, freedom of assembly and free expression. We may not understand each other but at least there is a common denominator and that is love for country. Nobody can ever question my love for country.”

Let us do our part and not waste those freedoms through unproductive heckling and jeering.