Monday August 20, 2018

8 TV ads that we will never forget

BEFORE there was social media advertising, there was television. Then, every 90's kids had the same entertainment, not to mention advertisement stints to enjoy.

The Coke beat, for example, became a form of bonding between groups of friends acing one another just like the two college girls from the commercial who were fighting over a bottle in the table. That's just one!

We rounded up more of them in this story.

1.) Glowing Inside

Don't tell me this isn't your school's song tribute to parents on your graduation day. Haha!

2.) Walang sabit by Sandara Park

Way back when Sandara used to be that Krung-krung Asian girl (crazy girl), little girls would sway to her music. And of those were the ever shady, Walang sabit.

3.) Sports car, yung red!

Of course, this TVC that taught us not to be half-hearted when giving.

4.) Downy's rub-a-da-bango

Kris Aquino's voice is everywhere and people just get the hang of it by asking, "Amoy ulam na ba kayo?"

The number of dubsmash!!! is!!! unbelievable!!!

5.) Sensodyne

I'm not even sure what she promoted better, moving on or the toothpaste.

6.) James Reid

Not a commercial but collections of the other half of JaDine’s drink endorsements. He's like the SM Supermalls of all shopping malls, "he got it all for you."

7.) Praktis ako ng praktis

You're never not enough for mum, kid *sah kyottt*

8.) Coco Martin

Just leaving this one here.