Sunday August 19, 2018

Mcdo opens new branch in El Salvador

MCDONALD'S, a world-famous fast food brand, has opened its first branch in Cagayan de Oro’s neighboring place of El Salvador City, Misamis Oriental on June 9.

The branch is McDonald's biggest store not only in Mindanao but also in the Visayas in terms of area and capacity.

McDonald's Franchisee and President of the Divine Mercy Foundation of Mindanao Paquita Adaza has expressed her gratitude to the top management of McDonald's Philippines during the blessing of the store and celebration of the Good Neighbor's Day on June 8.

"We are grateful to the trust and confidence given to us by the top management of McDonald's Philippines headed by its President Kenneth Yang and Vice President Margot Torres," Adaza said.

"For their bold approval to put up a branch of McDonald's here in El Salvador City, being a new and upcoming progressive city, they are being true to their nature and character as a pioneering food chain around the globe," she added.

Margot Torres, the vice president and deputy managing director of McDonald's Philippines, stressed the good points the McDonald's bring to the people of El Salvador during her welcome remarks.

"It is about good food... We are also about good people in that every time we open a store in a community, that means new jobs for about 80 to a hundred people, depending on the store size," Torres said.

She also assured that McDonald's is into direct hiring, hinting that it never practiced contractualization ever since the fast food company's opening in the country in 1981.

"Lastly, we are also about being a good neighbor. So you will feel our presence in the community, everybody will be welcomed to our McDonald's store, especially families, so we hope the families will enjoy fun days in such a large party area, your birthday party, perhaps even be one of our kiddie crew," Torres said.

Misamis Oriental Governor Yevgeny Emano, for his part, has lauded Adaza's initiative to franchise a McDonald's branch in El Salvador City, saying that her action has made new jobs for the people in the city.

"What you did in El Salvador City has not only opened a business. Every time a fast food chain opens, it becomes a status symbol already of a place. When people ask, 'How is Misamis Oriental?' Or maybe to some of you who had been here the first time will be asking: 'What's in Misamis Oriental?' Usually they do not answer about what we have, but when people say there's McDonald's already in Misamis Oriental, you know what people think up, its a developing province already because McDonald's is there," Emano said.

"What you created in El Salvador City, in Misamis Oriental, is not only actually business but a livelihood, and the best livelihood I believe, as mentioned that you do not hire contractual, is a future of El Salvador City," he added.

The McDonald's El Salvador branch is the 18th store the fast food company has opened this year and the 584th in the Philippines.

"Our family is very much grateful that we made the right decision to choose McDonald's, an international food chain, because of their trust in providing quality food, good service and clean environment, and their service to the community. We are proud to be a part of the McDonald's family," Adaza said.