Friday, September 21, 2018

New speed gun arrive

THE regional office of the Land Transportation Office (LTO 11) is upbeat about running after erring drivers who are overspeeding with the acquisition of a new high-end speed gun.

LTO 11 Law Enforcement Unit chief Benjamin Antonio, during the AFP-PNP press briefing at The Royal Mandaya Hotel on Wednesday, June 13, said that the brand new and high-tech speed gun arrived last month. It cost P560,000. The budget of this came from the central office.

No operations were conducted since last quarter of 2017 since all of their speed guns were either broken or malfunctioning.

“With our new unit, we continue to use this to implement [speed limit laws],” he said.

Antonio added that their apprehension will depend on the location of their operation. For instance if they do apprehension in Davao City, they will apply the city’s executive order (EO) 39, also known as the Davao Speed Limit Ordinance and if outside the city, they will implement the provision of Republic Act (RA) 4136 or the Land Transportation and Traffic Code.

But currently they are implementing non-contact apprehension because they are still communicating with the manufacturer of the speed gun based in USA due to some confusion on the feature of the speed gun. It should automatically print out the details of any violation but Antonio said that the printer and the design of speed gun are not compatible and could not connect.

In the meantime, they would just call the attention of the violators and they would be given the chance to contest it at their office.

The speed gun also has a sim card that contains the details of the violation including the location, time, date and the speed. He assured that the date of the violation could not be altered.