Sunday August 19, 2018

A café for health buffs

Fight against obesity. For Ethos Cafe CEO Jonryl Novicio, serving healthy fare is a step toward helping Filipinos overcome unhealthy habits. (SunStar Foto/Allan Cuizon)

ETHOS Food and Beverages Distribution Inc., a distribution company from Manila, opened its first café in Cebu on Tuesday at the City Time Square in Tipolo, Mandaue City.

Founded by Mathew Ashok Kumar, the company manufactures its own coffee, juice, perfume and cosmetic products.

Ashok said that the company decided to start a café in Cebu, since Cebuanos are becoming more conscious about being healthy and fit.

“Together, we are taking an important stride in the fight to reduce eating unhealthy foods and improve the lives of the Filipinos. Obesity represents a huge burden to the country through loss of productivity. This is being proven. If you are healthy, you can do more things, and your productivity will increase,” Ethos Café chief executive officer Jonryl Novicio said.

The café offers healthy food and beverages such as fresh fruit smoothies, low-carb bread and sandwiches, fresh salads, and zero-oil food. They also sell cosmetics, perfume, and coffee and juice powdered drinks that contain antioxidants.

Ethos markets their products through direct distribution, making it open for anyone to become one of their shareholders and product distributors.

“My team’s job is to make sure we will give you the return on investment. And we don’t fail in business, we always succeed. So success is not for a chosen few, success is chosen by few. I’m glad that you (our shareholders) choose to be successful,” Ashok said.

He also emphasized that Ethos not only focuses on business. They are allocating P8 million to give free education in chosen universities in the Philippines. They are also organizing a free training for interested individuals on how to start a business. Lastly, they plan on organizing and funding monthly activities like marathons, duathlons, swimming competitions, and other athletic activities that will improve the lifestyle of Filipinos. (Vanessa de Gracia, CNU Intern)