Monday August 20, 2018

Pacete: The making of a politician

IN “La Mesa de la Libertad,” coffee goers are now screening possible candidates for 2019 media men, retired professionals, former government employees, retirable teachers, young virtuosos, and even political repeaters.

The issue in politics for a sure win formula is “generosity”. The “most generous” usually wins. That “generosity” could be expensive. The other school of political thought is “principled politics vs. politics of convenience and opportunism.” One thoughtful guy may say that he is for an honest politician who fulfills his promises. He should have serviced over ambition.

Politics is a science that should be built up based on facts and principles designed for good government. Whatever it is, it is still politics and can be as dirty as it can get. You cannot be a rice farmer if you do not want to wallow in the mud. You cannot be a politician if you stay out of the system. Remember always that elections are not held in heaven.

One may jump into the political arena because of his passion for public service willingness to serve wholeheartedly, loaded with credentials possessing compassion to the poor. Neophytes always talk for a change. Those are just words but honest electorates look up to good leadership that produced results. Of course, not all electorates are honest.

We all dream that Filipino voters would achieve political maturity. We do not need drama from our politicians all the time. All candidates believe they are the good guys. They would always say that the candidates on the other side of the fence are incompetent (and sometimes ill-mannered). The focus should just be on issues and policies.

Start politics in your family and in your community. Convince your wife, children, and relatives that you will be a good politician willing to become a mayor or councilor. If you have demonstrated good leadership and convincing relationship, you may be on the right track. How about your community and your church? Have you been a good member, follower, and a respectful leader?

If you belong to a party, totally commit yourself to the group. Do not entertain single voting. That may work effectively for your selfish motive but that will drag you to hell. You cannot be an island politician. You must belong to where you belong. Don’t be a black sheep. Stand strong in togetherness.

You must know your core. Politics is also an art of deception. Know whom to trust fully and whom to take cautious with. Be with people who can be with you in all your ups and downs. Time will reveal who are with you, and who are just taking advantage of you.

A politician has always a way to win in a local election. He should be guided by the principle of Charles Darwin, “It is not the strongest of the species that survives or the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.”

If you are there in the office, rise up during the crisis and be a hero, take a stand and do not be persuaded by your patron. You have committed to do what is right. What is right is sometimes hard to defend. You are in politics because you want to make a difference. Let that difference count!