Tuesday August 21, 2018

Vicente: Sports life

IN THE field of sports, attitude is one value that defines the athlete’s performance and affects the outcome of a competition.

The attitude also transcends on how their opponents see and perceive their skill and capability of either superior or inferior.

I remember one boxing coach pointing out the importance of projecting an aggressive attitude as if the boxer is ready and eager to lay it down on his opponent.

“Kailangan ng yabang sa boxing, pinapahiwatig kasi nito na nakahanda ka, na hindi ka natatakot, na kayang-kaya mo ang kalaban” he lamented.

The coach further pointed out it is one way of shrugging off the nervous feeling or fear and turning it into confidence that could be used to boost his game plan into execution.

Superiority complex is often a pessimistic attitude that goes out of hand because one could not contain or control its effect. It is usually seen from superstars that get drowned in the belief that they are the core of the team, that they are unbeatable and worse, without them the sport is nothing.

This kind of attitude constituted from being superior is the very antidote of someone addicted to its adverse effect, thus ignites his eventual collapse.

Then again, immolating from what the boxing coach have said, confidence could be used to an athlete’s advantage as it boost his execution of his game plan, gaining a remarkable advantage in playing mind games with his opponent.

Another strategy related to emotional manipulation or mind games is the inferiority complex. This value is also perceived to be negative because it projects lack of confidence or too much fear.

Most coaches reject this value saying “hindi pa nag-uumpisa ang laban talo kana” pointing out the disadvantage of thinking that the opponent is better and going against him is hopeless match-up. But some excellent athletes have used this common perception to their advantage, devising a strategy to look like someone who is easy to beat, inferior or timid and on the right opportunity strike for the win.

Sports teach us a lot about life. Those who think they are unbeatable eventually finds their match and gets beaten. Those who are misjudged to be losers surprisingly shows that they have what it takes and even beats the best, this things only and must make us realize the saying that “the wheel always turns” nobody stays on top, how we live with defeat or victory will define our dance with the cycle of life.