Friday, September 21, 2018

Trinidad: Earth movements: Year of the dog, month of the horse

BEFORE the start of the Chinese New Year, we mentioned in our interviews, workshops, and at the Baguio Chinese press conference, that this would be a year of earth movements.

Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and now that the rainy season has started, landlines, rockslides, and mudslides.

The year is proving true to itself.

As we learned from our mentor, internationally acclaimed Feng Shui Grandmaster Raymond Lo, there is too much of the Earth element. We have the recent eruption of Mt. Kilauea in Hawaii. Closer to home we’ve had news of landslides, falling rocks, mudslides. All in the recent days.

This is also because June 6 to July 6 is the Horse Month. There is a special combine relationship between the Horse and the Dog, making the period more vulnerable to earth movements.

This particular month of June is also what we term as the Yang Earth Horse month. And it is the Yang Earth Dog Year. There is simply too much earth.

Yang earth represents mountains, boulders and even roads. And although the year and the month are in harmony because the Dog and the Horse are friends, this combined relationship can mean the earth has a weakened foundation.

Take particular note of the flying stars too. North is this year’s misfortune direction, and south is this month’s misfortune direction.

If it so happens that the house or the building opens to these directions, or faces these directions, they can be vulnerable to the influence of the flying star.

It is very important to know the birth stars of a home. Let’s say that the house’s permanent flying star at the entrance is robbery and loss or misfortune, and the door opens to the north which is misfortune for the year, then this would spell an unfortunate event.

Now, let’s say the house belongs to a Dog or a Dragon, with an unfortunate Bazi chart, the possibilities of attracting negative luck are compounded.

Take heart, these can be cured.

At the start of the year, we mentioned that Dog born, Dragon born, Ox born and Goat born, and also those born in the months corresponding to these, or have these in their chart, should carry the animal and the crystal to lessen the negative effects of the year.

We also suggest carrying the crystal for protection from falling masonry during earthquakes.

For houses or buildings that face the negative direction, place the cure.

For travelers? Drive safely and be alert. Bring your crystals to protect against accidents. Pray the St Michael prayer before you embark on your journey.

For everyone, knowing that this is a year of earth movements, and the rainy season will be bringing mudslides and landslides, check your surroundings.

Be vigilant if you know your home or building is susceptible. Evacuate if necessary.

To know which jade animal and crystals to bring, and the flying stars affecting your home, see us at #29, Sari-sari Section, Baguio City Market. We are open 4:30 to 6:30 Monday to Saturday.