Friday, September 21, 2018

Keeping it modern with Dyson

PROMISING a high quality and efficient products for cleaning, wellness and beauty purposes, Dyson Ltd., a British technology company recently showcased their finest inventions powered by advanced digital motors at Chimes Boutiques, in Governor Sales Street on May 30.

Bobby Yan, vice president and director for communications of White Planet Inc., the exclusive distributor of Dyson in the Philippines demonstrated himself before the guests the capabilities of their state-of-the-art products such as the vacuum cleaner, bladeless fans and purifier, and hair dryer that are certainly a must-have in your homes.

Dyson has been around more than two decades but they only have three products with a common element which is air.

Their vacuum cleaners come in different kinds such as the cord-free machines, handheld machines, and cylinder machines that could eliminate all fine dust and other debris on the floor like a snap, leaving it seamless without irritating noise. He also showed how their vacuums underwent various test to ensure that it is at best quality before dispensing to the market.

Dyson developed that first bladeless fan called Dyson Pure Cool Link purifier fans that could remove 99.95 percent of harmful particles and other particles that could trigger allergies.

Yan boost that in an effort to align their product to the latest trend, they also had an app where their customers could control it via their smartphones. It automatically monitors, reacts, and purifies then reports the performance to the Dyson Link app. A schedule and timer on when the appliance can turn on and off is also possible thru the app.

In this modern world where people are looking for products that would not only give them refreshing atmosphere but as well as a purifier for a free-dust environment, the company assured that their 2 in 1 product could capture up to 0.1 to 5 microns with their new filters.

“Everybody wants to be healthier, it’s the purifier. Mom’s love it dad’s love it. It also has heath benefit and its high-tech. There’s an app which you can download. We guaranteed up to 0.1 microns,” Yan said.

Other product of the company is Dyson Supersonic which has high-end features that is way better as compared to other conventional hair dryer you see in the market. It comes with a very handy and simple minimalist design. It has thermistor that guards against extreme heat damage to protect natural shine as it has intelligent heat control that measures the air temperature.

This product has been making a notch in the beauty industry, being used by well-known personalities and celebrities both local and international. It has fast drying capacity and was engineered for balance handling that could dry and style your hair at the same time thorough the Dyson Smoothing nozzle.

They are giving up to 20% off and 3 months 0% installment on selected Dyson machines while 0% installment up to 12 months. Dyson products are now available at Chimes Boutiques only.