Monday August 20, 2018

Editorial: Theft in city rising?

IN recent weeks we saw what seems to be rising incidents of thefts and hold-ups in Davao City.

On Wednesday we ran a story on Indian students being preyed upon by burglars. Jen, not her real name, said students experienced a series of burglaries that took place in El Rio Subdivision, Mineral Village, Marfori Heights Subdivision, Doña Vicenta, Garcia Heights and Fatima Village, where Indian students of Davao Medical School Foundation (DMSF), Inc. reside.

She said the unidentified burglars usually attack at night when they are sleeping or even in broad daylight when they are in school or attending their clerkships.

Well they are not the only ones experiencing this. On social media, we saw posts of some Dabawenyos narrating their scary experiences with hold-ups and thefts along the streets or at homes.

Such stories have somehow raised the question, is it still safe to go out especially at night?

Well, for those who have been in the city for quite some time, we can say that the answer is still a yes but there is a big "but" on that.

On a positive note, the Davao City Police Office assured that they will continue to intensify their police patrol unit. Those leaving at night can observe that police cars are strategically placed in different areas in the city. We can also see there would be police cars traversing in some subdivisions at night.

The police have also caught some hold-up suspects in the past weeks.

"Please be informed that there are 43 theft cases filed in Court and 56 suspects were already arrested from May to June 2018 based on the records of Investigation and Detective Management Branch of Davao City Police Office," Davao City Police Office spokesperson Police Senior Inspector Ma. Teresita Gaspan said in a Facebook thread.

The police can only do so much. They themselves admitted that there are still areas that they are unable to monitor.

Gaspan said some theft incidents happened in areas where police presence is needed, which includes homes and establishments.

"Meaning wala pong pulis na naka duty sa loob ng pamamahay o opisina natin," she said.

The big "but" here is while many of us enjoyed the safety of Davao City for a long time we still should remain vigilant of our surroundings and employ ways to ensure our safety.

As for the police, it might also be time to also look into the routes of their mobile patrol to ensure that areas with high theft and robbery cases are being monitored well too.