A RARE chance, one in a million. This was what fell on my lap on a special day in 2009. And what could be more than special than the world revolving around you on that single day - your birthday.

It was an unplanned escape from the city, something that just fell on my lap, an invite that needed a quick reply. Although I must admit I was already conceiving an idea that will take me to another country on this natal day, nothing can be more perfect than something popping out of nowhere and viola, the puzzle magically fit together to form the map to a surprising fresh destination. In fact, it's in my bucket list, another item on the list to be ticked.

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I had to say yes to the invitation and be answerable to all the consequences that come my way. Take for example rushing all the work that needs to be done in the entire time of my absence and yes, the most important of all, missing out the exercise regimen and bear the extra load that I may have to carry around my belly. The latter was giving me nightmares!

The day of reckoning comes is just around the corner and everything is in order. Took the long plane ride with US virgins aka first timers in the so-called land of promise. Finally the chance to see if the title holds true. I wonder what promising circumstances will unfold.

First stop and point of entry where fog is a regular feature in its skyline, San Francisco.

The fourth largest state in the land is rich in its history and a charming place to start my "tour de natal" (that's what it came to be). Did the typical duties of the tourists and took gazillions of megapixels wherein the best of the bunch will translate into Facebook profile photos. Nice. Bragging rights-Uh-huh.

With the face of Winter slowly letting her presence felt (and boy is she doing a good job) in the land of plenty, the sun glowed brightly beaming happy rays that tickle my face making sure I awake to a beautiful day- it's my birthday.

Roommates greet and hug and like eager beavers we rushed through our morning rituals so we can have our hearty meal to kick off the day- "my" day. Breakfast in San Francisco- a couple of blocks from Tiffany, still close enough.

By hearty, it means a loaded treat of bacon, eggs and pancakes that doesn't necessarily mean good of the heart. But what the heck, it's a birthday breakfast. Let the treats keep on coming.

Time to move on to the next destination and meet up with the rest of the team and that entails a plane ride. Hop in and hop out and I find myself in Las Vegas, the gambling capital. Anxious we may be to get to our final destination, the lay-over is a few hours and thus birthday lunch would have to be in this place.

"Please proceed to gate 8". At last, the final leg of the birthday trip across the western part of this country.

As we set foot in San Antonio, Texas, I realized that we have passed through a time warp and lost two precious hours of my day. It was suddenly close to midnight when it should have been nine and the right time to have a great dinner celebration in one of Texas' fab restos.

Famished and tired but elated, we ravished the house specialties no caring if it was going to be bedtime after a tiring day of plane rides. Blame the time zones. We could pass off as bears with filled bellies and ready to retire for the winter after a big meal.

In bed in some fancy new hotel in the heart of the Alamo, I made a recalled the days' event. Start of the day grub in California, midday meal in Nevada and super supper in Texas. Three states in a day- my birthday. Isn't that the best birthday treat ever.

Planned an escape to one place and I got three. My triple treat, try to beat that.