STAYING fit and healthy inspire us to live in Paraiso (Paradise). Experts have come up with various solutions to boost up our energies for us to enjoy a long, lasting and loving life.

What a great feeling we experience when we are in harmony with the chi (energy) of our Mother Gaia (earth). Moving with the waters of pure joy, soaring with the winds of loving expression and lighting up the fire of passionate experiences, we are one with the power of life.

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Let us tune in to the two (2) ways of awakening the energy of our body, mind and spirit.

One – Exercise

Find time to exercise.

Running, walking or hitting a badminton ball are efficient means of releasing your good hormones. Endorphins drawn out from your body during your workout can counter stressors that come your way.

Today, activate your go-go esprit through a fitness program, gym exercise, or by playing your favorite sports/ game.

Two – Food

Eating well, hand in hand, with the consumption of a balanced diet is the surefire formula to lift up your stamina.

Foods rich in soy and veggie nutrients can increase your vitality, versatility and vigorous strength.

Citing an example on how a couple can choose to practice the art of dynamism, we see the exemplary lifestyle led by my friend, Nimfa Hipolito Simpson. She runs daily in Xenia, Ohio where she is based with her loving husband Jack Simpson. Combining athletics with proper nutrition, Nimfa and Jack are masters in the art of wellness.


Nimfa is now in the Philippines for a visit. She is and will always be an endearing friend who exemplifies the gifts of compassion and joyful camaraderie.

Belonging to our Holy Family Academy high school batch of 1970, we are proud to be part of a noble group. Our classmates who are based here in our country and our other contemporaries who are living abroad are persons filled with care, concern and camaraderie. Furthermore, dacal a salamat to our teachers, especially MS. LULLAH Q. DEL ROSARIO, who are our guiding light until today.

Yes! May the graciousness of our family, friends and familiar community bless all of us with their boosting energy of light, loyalty and love for all times.