I THOUGHT that he was poised to have his greatest performance ever.

Getting to the NBA finals with a team whose final roster had been assembled only two months prior is a feat capable of being accomplished by only an incandescent few.

He practically had to drag this latest Cavaliers iteration kicking and screaming towards the game’s biggest stage.

GREATEST. But of course he had to face a familiar foe, a team he has fought thrice before and defeated only once.. a team whose thirst for greatness is perhaps rivaled by his very own.

In the end, it turned out to be a sorry mismatch. In the brillant clarity of hindsight, perhaps we should all have perused more closely the handwriting on the wall.

The best player on the planet against the best team smacks of terrible arithmetic.

And as it turned out, it was a sorry 0-4 loss for the great Lebron James.

INJURY. By the way, as cognizant as I am of his basketball prowess and profuse in my praise I will not give him a pass for his penchant for drama

His act of wearing a soft cast after game 4, claiming that he practically played games 2,3,4 with a broken hand was pathetic.

Really, Lebron? Now, you bring this up?

We didn’t see any evidence of a broken hand after you had a triple double in game 3. And certainly not after that spectacular off-the -backboard dunk, leaving Javalee McGee bewildered.

Certainly not after footage of him slapping hands and high-fiving after Game 4 and doing full push-ups prior to Game 2.

Bruised? Sore? Probably but certainly not broken. C’mon King, you got swept, take it like a man and move on.

NEXT. We could be seeing the end of the Lebron James era in Cleveland.

Like so many times before, the ball in his proverbial court. Is he going somewhere to form another super team with Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, some of the best options in the market?

LAST ROUND. It’s on all the daddies out there. No labada today. Cheers and Happy Fathers’ Day!