AT LEAST 16 city historical sites have been prioritized by the Baguio Centennial Commission for centennial marker installations are waiting to be accomplished by August 31, 2010.

Although Baguio observed its 100th year anniversary as a chartered city on September 1, 2009 and the terms of the members of the Centennial Commission are supposed to have been on December 31, 2009, Mayor Reinaldo Bautista Jr. extended the incumbency of the commission members up to August 31, 2010.

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The extension of the terms of office of the BCC commissioners is obviously to allow for adequate time to complete certain unfinished projects such as the installation of the historical markers and other items.

As of now, only the historical marker at City Hall and the city builders monument at the Centennial Park have been installed and properly inaugurated.

Three other markers are set to be installed at the Baguio General Hospital, the eagle marker at the Baguio stone market now the Maharlika complex and another one at the former Topside which was the site of the Baguio residence of former American Gov. Gen. William Cameron Forbes who is credited to have done so much in the building the City of Baguio. Forbes Topside residence is now occupied by the Good Shepherd Convent.

The replica of an eagle was previously attached to the façade of the old city Stone Market building, which was totally burned years back. The Stone Market building was the handiwork of German artisans who saw fit to install the eagle replica at the front side of the building.

For sometime after the fire, the concrete eagle was nowhere to be found. It was only a few years back when it was discovered in one of the comfort rooms of the Maharlika Commercial complex through information relayed to former Councilor Nars Padilla.

The other priority sites for centennial marker installations are the Baguio Cathedral, Baguio Country Club, Baguio Central School, Brent School, Camp Henry T. Allen, Camp John Hay, Dominican Hill, Easter School, Mirador Hill (Jesuit Observatory Hill), Teachers Camp, Vallejo Hotel which is currently undergoing restoration and the Presidential Mansion, Baguio residence of Philippine Presidents.

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Under the research and publication committee of the Centennial Commission chaired by this writer, work has started for the publication of a Baguio Builders Book. All 350 pages, the book pays tribute to those who have significantly contributed towards the development and growth of Baguio from its original Ibaloi village state into what it has become today, a highly urbanized chartered city.

Editors of the book are Pigeon Lobien and Nonnette Bennett, both seasoned local journalists.

The book will contain all the names of the 272 builders of Baguio who have been honored by Centennial Commission last September 1, 2009. Aside from the city builders, other pages of the book will feature the growth of the city over the past 100 years under the administration of successive local American and Filipino officialdom.

Other uncompleted projects of the commission are the wall of remembrance and recognition, which will be erected at the newly designated Baguio Centennial and Botanical Park. The wall will have all the names of the recognized city builders etched on its granite surface. The wall will also contain the names of all past city officials under the American colonial rule as well as past and present Filipino city administrators and officials, including those of the commission members who administered the city celebration of its centennial year.

Also programmed for erection is a 57-foot obelisk on top of the Wright Park stairway in honor of all pioneer Baguio families who likewise contributed their share in the development of Baguio.

There are also 20 other historical sites programmed for marker installation whose construction awaits provisions for appropriate funding.

These are Burnham Park, Cabinet Hill, Church of the Resurrection, Court of Appeals, Forbes Park, Harrison Road, Loakan Airport, Malcolm Square, Mateo Cariño's House (Camp 7), Mines View Park, Old Government Center, Pacdal Circle, Post Office Circle, Session Road, St.. Louis Primary School, Supreme Court, United Church of Christ in the Philippines, Wright Park, Yamashita Surrender Site (US Ambassador's Baguio residence) in Camp john Hay and Zigzag, Kennon Road.

Also up for construction which will be funded by a P5 million-support fund from the Philippine Tourism Authority is an amphitheatre, podium surrounding the builders statue, circular walk and wall of remembrance within the Baguio Centennial Park as well as the landscaping to the entrance of the park.