Monday July 23, 2018

Yellow boxes, 20-sec loading to ease congestion

THE Davao City Traffic and Transport Management Office (CTTMO) will start on Monday, June 25, 2018, the implementation of the 20-second parking period for loading and unloading areas and use of yellow boxes for passenger vehicles in an effort to curb traffic congestion.

CTTMO Chief Dionisio Abude said during the I-Speak forum on Thursday, June 21, that the first week will just be on information dissemination or reminding drivers of the rule. But they will be issuing citation tickets the week after June 25.

“This is one of our initiatives because under the Comprehensive Transport Traffic Code of Davao City, under City Ordinance 0334-12 series of 2012 Section 45, it states that, the loading and unloading of passengers and good should have a limited time,” he said.

This intervention was developed to ensure the City Government's effective and efficient governance for the promotion and protection of the general welfare and to make the city attractive in terms of traffic.

“Meaning to say if there is indicated time in our traffic sign, like our plan for 20 seconds, it should be the time for the loading and unloading. We observed most of all the loading and unloading bays were used as terminal even if there were no passengers, the PUJs will be on standby until it gets filled,” he added.

With this, public utility jeepney (PUJ) drivers will be more conscious of the time that they must load or unload passengers. It will keep the vehicles moving and decongest traffic.

Once implemented, penalty is P500 for disregarding traffic signs, disregarding traffic regulation, and obstruction.

Abude stressed that the 20-second rule does not only apply to public vehicles but to private vehicles as well that are loading or unloading people and things along the road. He cited the Monteverde and Bangoy areas specifically where delivery trucks load and unload commodities. But this will be implemented after the rule is already implemented on the PUJs.

Yellow boxes are now being painted and CTTMO will soon install the posts and signage in identified areas like in Maa, in front of NCCC in Juna Subdivision, Pichon St., C.M. Recto, San Pedro St., Uyanguren, Agdao, J.P. Laurel (near mental hospital, one in Gaisano mall and Burger King) and in Victoria Plaza.

However, Abude said, there is an exception to the rule whenever PUJs will be unloading pregnant mothers, persons with disability and senior citizen, it’s their common sense to stay a little longer to allow them to properly disembark.