DIRECTOR’S Cut: (This portion features the thoughts of DepEd 11 Regional Director Susana Teresa B. Estigoy, Ceso IV to all stakeholders and recipients of the efforts to improve the basic education) I do not consider

my job as plain work -- rather it is my LIFE. We have to continually examine what succeeds and fails, and why. We have to uphold and live true to our battlecry and DepEd Secretary Jesli Lapus slogan of governance:

Edukasyon ang Solusyon

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On January 22 and 23 of this year, the whole working force of Department of Education Region 11 took time out from their respective workstations to fulfill a need to refresh and recharge to start the year right.

Eden Garden Resort in Toril was filled with cheers, yells, laughter and deafening shouts of people rooting for their patrol while the players had to put their acts together to emerge as this year’s most formidable team.

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Headed by Regional Director Susana Teresa B. Estigoy, who was also in one of the teams, each color patrol collaborated with each other to dislodge other teams in becoming the top performing group. But as they

say, in every competition, there are always winners and those who are less fortunate not to make it. One important lesson learned is, each one has a stake in the groups endeavor to excellence and everybody

recognized it.

Prior to the announcement of winners and giving of cash awards, two PRODED trainers, former Superintendent Gloria P. Labor and Compostela Valley Superintendent Lillian C. Calicdan processed the whole activity

and put meaning to everything the group did in each team.

RD Estigoys pronouncement during the first day, Enjoy while you learn, learn while you enjoy was lived up to. To the teams and their rankings: The Blue Patrol, The Orange Patrol, The Yellow Patrol, The Green Patrol

and the Red Patrol, congratulations for a job well done.

Is team building activity really needed in each company or association? How should we do it? According to creative_team_building_ideas.htm. creative ideas, especially in team building,

must be chosen very carefully. Otherwise, you risk alienating large portions of your team building group. Also, the atmosphere created by the facilitator must be conducive to being creative. Otherwise, the participants

may fear looking dumb or throw out 'dumb' ideas. This cannot occur if a team building activity is to be successful.

The team building idea helps participants see the barriers they place on themselves that prevent them from finding creative solutions. In the end, participants are absolutely amazed they were able to accomplish

something they would have said was impossible only a few minutes before.

In another online source,, it spelled out the things to look into in an organization before doing a team building activity. These are the following:

Embrace the opportunity in the problem. The truth is, no matter how large or small your team is, people think and act according to very specific patterns.

If you build your team according to a chaotic process, you will get chaotic results. If you don't fully understand how people think and act in a team setting, you will never harness the full potential of your team. Here's

some spots the team gremlins will rear their ugly heads: Communications, Ability to Follow Directions, Working Relationships, Professionalism, Lack of Creative Problem Solving and Productivity.

There is a surprisingly simple thought process that determines how effectively your team works together.

Only when you understand how people think can you align your team to a common purpose.

And as RD Estigoy always reminds the Deped: We have to continually examine what succeeds and fails, and why."

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Mr. Lorenzo E. Mendoza, M.A. is the Regional Supervisor in Filipino for Secondary, Regional Information Officer, Regional ICT and Library Hub Coordinator.