April Rama

Max Urbanite

EVERY once in awhile, people encounter things on the streets that should be explained:

Pur Vida 2010 descended on Cebu’s streets with a vengeance this year on Jan 17.

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So what’s the story of Pur Vida 2010? When and why did it happen? And what happens in it?

Pur Vida started three years ago using elements that, when mixed together, can either go boom right in your face or give you the best recipe for a street party: The Sinulog Festival, the need for a safe place in densely packed streets, good company, great music, and food and beverages that can sustain a ravenous crowd.

A crowd of 100 to 150, all friends and friends of friends, gathered at its first site, The City Grill along Gen. Maxilom Ave. in the first two years. (On a side note, it is still called Mango Ave. by most from sheer stubbornness or due to hardcore nostalgia.)

Since the City Grill closed, organizers had to find a new site for Pur Vida 2010. Year three has grown exponentially and has managed to accommodate 300 street revellers packed into a lot next to Yellow Cab along Gen. Maxilom/Mango Ave.

The set up is simple—a tent to serve as the roof, able to anticipate any type of weather; perimeter fencing and a long table well stocked with drinks and food complete the fun.

It is very much like a party at a friend’s house where you chip in a few hundred pesos to eliminate any hassle of running out of anything or having to buy anything. In this case, P300 for the whole day’s festivities gave you a drink-and-eat-all-you-can smorgasbord, DJs from the hottest clubs in the city spinning for the love of it, and a safe area where children can hang out, too. You can come and go as you please with a wristband that lets you walk right back in, should you need a refill or a dry place from the rain.

The best drink of the day was nicknamed vitamin C made of tequila, calamansi juice and soda. It creamed all opposition with its amazing strength and ability to leap multiple generations and cultural divide in a single bound.

On that note, we say cheers to Pur Vida 2010 and look forward to the next Pur Vida sighting in the city!