Monday July 23, 2018

Babag councilor charged with frustrated murder

BARANGAY Babag Councilor Renante Bacarisas is facing a criminal case in court for shooting his cousin at the height of their argument in Babag, Cebu City last June 17.

Prosecutor Fatima Maadil found evidence to charge Bacarisas with frustrated murder before the Regional Trial Court.

Bacarisas allegedly shot George Ibona twice after an argument. Ibona, 37, was rushed to a hospital where he was treated for gunshot wounds in his neck and body. He was later declared out of danger.

Bacarisas surrendered to Cebu City Councilor Dave Tumulak, two days after shooting his cousin.

The councilor said he fled the area after the incident not to run from authorities, but to “cool off” and clear his mind.

In his affidavit, Ibona, a former barangay health worker, said that he and his wife, Jenny Fe, were outside the barangay hall when Bacarisas arrived and asked him: “Unsa man, tiwason nato ni?”

When Ibona asked the councilor what he meant, the accused took his gun from his waistband and struck him in the face.

As he was about to collapse due to the impact, Ibona said he heard two gunshots before becoming unconscious. When he regained consciousness, Ibona said he was already confined in the hospital.

“Had it not been for the timely medical attention rendered to me by my attending physician, I might be dead now,” said Ibona.

Ibona’s wife, Jenny Fe, also executed an affidavit supporting the testimony of her husband.

Earlier, Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmeña said he will extend legal assistance to the victim.

He had suspected that politics may have something to do with the shooting incident.

He also suspected that the barangay captain was sheltering Bacarisas before he surrendered.

“I suspect that politics is involved.I suspect the barangay captain is sheltering him. Why? I don’t know. Perhaps, favorites,” he told reporters. (GMD)