THE Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) is seeking an initial P3.2 billion for the construction and repair of roads and bridges in Southern Mindanao.

Based on the National Expenditure Program, the regional office of the DPWH said the initial funding of P3.2 billion is for internally funded projects alone, notwithstanding the other infrastructure projects to be funded

from the pork barrel of the members of Congress.

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The biggest bulk of the fund, based on the proposal of DPWH, will go to the national arterial and secondary national roads and bridges which have been allocated with P2.9 billion.

Out of the P2.9 billion, P1.6 billion will go to projects aimed at traffic decongestion, widening and upgrading of access roads to airports ports, and tourism hubs, roads to support peace and development in Mindanao,

and roads to address critical bottle necks.

Roads to support peace and development in Mindanao and other conflict –affected areas has been allocated with P401 million for this year.

The remaining P1.3 billion out of the P2.9 billion will be allocated for the rehabilitation of damaged paved national roads and road upgrading of several gravel roads into paved roads.

The remaining portion of the P3.2 billion will be utilized to cover the rehabilitation and improvement of DPWH buildings with P41 million, preliminary and detailed engineering with P6.5 million, and various infrastructure

including local projects pegged at P220 million. (CPM)