A CANDIDATE'S health is always an issue in a campaign. The voter, like anyone else buying something in the market, wants to know what he’s buying.

The voter’s decision about the sick candidate doesn’t always favor the healthy. The voter may still pick someone who might keel over anytime.

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Cebu City Mayor Osmeña needs cancer treatment for which he still has to go periodically to the U.S. That wouldn’t be required if he were completely well. And whatever doctors say now, a relapse, God forbid, might still occur.

Atan Guardo, the mayor’s rival for the House seat in the city south, isn’t known for any illness. He questions Tomas’ health, a known fact, but no one questions Atan’s health, an unknown fact.

Neither does Atan offer an affidavit of independent doctors swearing he’s healthier than the doddering model in one of his Arthro ads. He looks fit but it’s no guarantee he’ll even survive the campaign. No guarantee about anyone living longer than what one wants or expects.

Good legislator

The better candidate is he who’ll make a good legislator.

Both Tomas and Atan aren’t lawyers and it’s doubtful if they can draft a bill without help. Most people these days, however, would like the congressman to improve their district and their lives. Some even trivialize skill in crafting laws.

The matter of health isn’t big in the city south battle. Yet Tomas bristles over those who mention it, even if it’s a legitimate election issue.

Bitter foes like Atan and a relevant topic for credible opinion writers like Bobby Nalzaro.

They don’t pray for your demise, mayor. In this campaign, they just want to talk about your health.