WITNESS the slew of activities to celebrate the month-long observance of the Mabalacat Town Fiesta, which culminates on February 2. First up, everybody is said to be welcome and invited to the Ms. Mabalacat 2010 presentation and Talent Night and launching of the Caragan festival for this year on January 27, Wednesday, 4 pm at Marque Mall, Angeles City.

Chair Jun Magbalot of the Ms. Mabalacat 2010 beauty pageant announced that on this Wednesday event, judges for the beauty pageant will be presented and then follow the casual wear and talent presentations with Vice Mayor Pros T. Lagman and Mayor Boking Morales giving inspirational messages.

At the same date and venue, the Caragan Festival, now on its third staging, will be launched, this according to Diosdado "Deng" T. Pangilinan, chairman, Mabalacat Fiesta 2010 executive committee.

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Features of this event include Best Gown competition and Caragan dancers, now known far and wide since its grand coming out three years ago. Ms. Julian Savard will act as master of ceremonies and assisted by Aries Punzalan. As I mentioned earlier, this year's fiesta executive committee is headed by Deng Pangilinan as chair. Lucky Deng, he seems to get the choicest position in Mayor Boking's priority list of activities. I am just curious: what is in Deng that Mayor Boking is so impressed with?

By the way, before Mabalaquenos forget, has there been a financial report for the 2009 festivities? Have the sponsors been acknowledged and their substantial contributions receipted and their usage reported? Aha!

May I be enlightened if the Fiesta Committee receives any financial support or subsidy from the local government unit of Mabalacat and if the sums of money given ever subjected to pre audit and review? Just asking po. Atin ken koy? And if I know my scruples, Caragan festival is a cultural undertaking, not a business or financial enterprise.

* * *

Jobs, jobs. On January 27, 2010, Eye Quest International, a licensed manpower recruitment agency will hold a jobs fair at PESO Mabalacat office, 2nd floor, Marina Arcade Dau and interviews will be done on applicants for domestic helpers, factory workers and caretakers or Hongkong and Taiwan.

* * *

Disclaimer. Peso Mabalacat does not claim or profess to be a branch of a particular agency which sends workers overseas. I have to say this because of the reported agitation (albeit unsupported) of Cleopatra International Placement Agency, headed by Cristina S. Honor that Peso Mabalacat is now a branch of the said agency. Not so, Ms. Honor, Peso Mabalacat has never claimed to be your branch here in Dau or in any other place and besides, we are not allowed to be biased in your favor.

There are several other agencies who are probably more capable to send workers to destinations overseas, faster and without so much fuss and inconvenience.

I perfectly understand the move of Cleopatra in including this information in its blog due to movements and actions of some unscrupulous individuals who claim to be agents of Cleopatra and solicit money from job applicants.

For our part, Peso Mabalacat also does not authorize people to act as agents for the office. It has direct contact with the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration in Ortigas and its satellite office in Clark. It has also direct contact and pleasant relationship with other agencies besides Cleopatra. A handful of applicants remember Cristina S. Honor as saying, on October 26, 2009, that the applicants may voluntarily get preliminary medical examination in order to find out if they may have some curable illnesses. This, Ms. Honor announced before several hundreds of applicants at the Xevera covered court in Tabun, Mabalacat.

But what is this I learned that Ms. Honor now allegedly disclaims having made that pronouncement? Ah!

This preliminary medical examination is, I repeat, voluntary on the part of the applicants and is not a mandatory requirement of, and by, Peso Mabalacat. Some ill-motivated individuals, out to discredit Peso even went as far as texting or calling Mayor Boking about this preliminary and voluntary medical examination. By preliminary, for the information of the morons and nincompoops who falsely gave the information to Mayor Boking, is but introductory or tentative before the final, strict and rigid one!