GEARING on their cause to share and brew better lives for more people, the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (CBTL) has strengthened their lifelong mantra of empowering local farmers as well as providing sustainable merchandise to the public.

Very recently, CBTL launched their newest tumbler and reusable straw that are both made from bamboo grown by farmers in Nueva Ecija.

Eco-friendly and locally-made, they’re reusable drinkware that you can use to reduce your own impact on the environment, standing on CBTL's commitment to provide farmers with better livelihood opportunities by uplifting heir quality of life.

The biodegradable and reusable bamboo straws are processed naturally and can be used approxiamately 700 times. It also comes with a casing and a cleaner, they are sold for P299 each.

The Natural Bamboo with a BPA Free stainless steel inner tumbler comes with a removable filter and tea steeper and can keep beverages hot for four hours, cold beverages for six hours.

All products are 100 percent made by nature, 100 percent biodegradable and compostable, and completely plastic-free. Our products are also chemical-free and naturally treated against termites, fungi, and molds. Each piece was made through patented technology in partnership with the Department of Science and Technology.

They are available in select stores nationwide including Davao.

Celebrating 15 years in PH

The year 2018 is especially remarkable for the California-bred shop as it marks the 15th year since The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf started its journey in the Philippines.

It is 15 years of innovation, 15 years of giving back, and 15 years of bringing simply the best to its customers.

Born and brewed in Southern California since 1963, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® is one of the oldest and largest privately held specialty coffee and tea retailers in the world.

Since opening their first cafe in Brentwood, California, they have always been passionate about connecting their loyal customers with carefully handcrafted products. Though they travel far and wide to discover the flavors you love, they always bring it home. Delivering the look, taste, and aroma of the world’s best coffees and teas is what they do best, and every sip should take you to the corners of the earth where each flavor was cultivated.

They aim higher than the standard, selecting only the top 100 percent of specialty grade Arabica beans and the top two leaves and a bud of the finest hand-plucked, whole leaf teas. The company prides itself of its direct relationships with growers and individual farms and estates to be assured of the best coffee and tea harvests available.

A brand centered on passion, their story began when Herb Hyman, once called the “grandfather of specialty coffee in the US” brought the concept home and helped turn it into the phenomenon it is today - taking coffee from a basic commodity to a full-on cultural occasion.

Since then, The CBTL has had a history of breakthroughs in beverages like the Original Ice Blended back in 1987, even before frozen coffee was a craze. It is simply in their nature to constantly push for the freshest and most innovative products all over the world!

It was in the late 1990s that the brand expanded outside Southern California. Today, they are present in over 30 countries all over the world, honoring relationships with their farmers, people, communities, and their guests. And this year, they tuck another milestone under their belt as they celebrate 15 years in the Philippines.

To date, since opening its first store in Greenbelt in 2003, it has over 100 stores and growing, a number they are grateful to have the privilege to grow through the support of the community through the years.

“At the start, like most early stage companies, we didn’t know a lot. But through hard work, perseverance, learning from our experiences, building teams and lots of prayer, by God’s grace, we are where we are,” shares Walden Chu, CEO of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

“In whatever we do, we strive to build trust and bring delight. We seek to be the best at building trust with our customers through reliability, consistency, and delighting them with innovation and fresh offerings,” he ended.