Monday July 23, 2018

Salvador: Salathip, dining like royalty by the River of Kings

THAILAND. Salathip, home to a quintessential Thai dining experience by the River of Kings at Shangri-La Hotel, Bangkok one of three Thai-style golden teak pavilions.

Jeepney Jinggoy

THERE is feasting on Thai cuisine and there is feasting on Thai cuisine by the River of Kings, how much more Thai can the latter be?

As if the spices that play on the palate that says this-is-authentic-Thai-food is not enough, Salathip heightens the cuisine’s flavor by matching it with quintessential Siamese visual pleasures: the exotic golden teak pavilions, the famed Chao Phraya River, and add to that the traditional Thai classical dance performances. Dining at Salathip is more than a culinary delight, it is a cultural experience.

“Salathip is Shangri-La Hotel, Bangkok’s Thai restaurant. The restaurant was purposely built to provide guests with an authentic dining experience with creative presentation in classic Siamese surroundings.

It’s a cluster of three Thai-style teak pavilions set in a garden next to the Chao Phraya River,” said Khanitta Sudsamai, the hotel’s Communications Manager, as she walked me around the riverside garden.

Knowing its address, expect Salathip to have that brand of elegance the Shangri-La is notable for.SEE MORE