Sunday, September 23, 2018

Masbad: AI replacing writers

Wacky Tech

MY APOLOGIES. That’s a clickbait title. Nevertheless, it’s a thought to actually ponder on.

Can AI reach that point that it will replace writers? Will there come a point in time that AI will start writing books and newspaper articles for us? If that comes, I wonder how the world will react to it.

But if I really think about it, I don’t think it’ll come anytime soon. Probably not even during my lifetime. I will have to agree with an article posted by The Writing Cooperative where it argues that humans are emotional beings and writers appeal to human emotions to be able to be effective and affective.

Writers appeal to fear, joy, love, persuasion, anger, and a host of other human emotions when creating content. And writers of all forms understand that storytelling is important because it helps other remember what we tell them.

Unless we all become emotionless in an instant and we’re contented with robotic, monotonous writings generated by a computer, then, perhaps, AI will replace writers right now. Fortunately, I don’t think that’s happening anytime soon. Maybe, not ever. In fact, how I started this article is an appeal to your emotions. I’m appealing to you getting shocked and surprised that AI is replacing writers like me. Hopefully, that initial shock you felt made you start reading this article. Imagine if I sounded like a robot or a computer in that title.

Since humanity knew how to write, we wrote about our experiences in the world. Those paintings on the walls of caves were about how they as a tribe or as a family survived or how they lived on a daily basis. The ancient Egyptians’ hieroglyphs were documentation of how there were as a civilisation. They told stories of their gods and pharaohs. They wrote their experiences of the paranormal and normal.

Our ancestors told their stories. I’m sure that at the time they “wrote” those, they never thought that our present generation will be able to read their languages. I have a hunch that, to them, they just wanted to put it into writing (in whatever form) so they can share it with other tribes and families during their time.

AI is a tool as of this time. That’s how I see it. AI should be able to help one write his or her article. AI can help with gathering of data, presentation of data, summation of data. Interpreting the data though, I think, is still a far off thing. Sure, AI has grown by leaps and bounds but I don’t think it’s in its final form. Not yet.

You want proof? Talk to Siri.

Need I say more?

It can get a lot of things right for you but can she do your homework for you? Don’t think so.

Still, how AI is developing these days is a sight to behold. It’s exciting if you ask me. The possibilities are there. I’m already imagining a Bicentennial Man kind of world or maybe iRobot. Hopefully, they can all iron out the kinks and chinks in AI’s armor and avoid problems.

So, what about you? Are you looking forward to AI being pervasive in our day to day living? Do you think you and the rest of humanity can fully embrace AI?

If you wanna read more about it, I recommend this very long read from the Harvard Business Review.