THE ever vibrant Second District Board Member Edna David thought that she had her share of better surprises. Being 61 years old, she has had her taste of the every birthday surprise imaginable.

But, being at the prime of her life, a little surprise here and there would not hurt. That is why there was no stopping her friends at all-women group Teatru Ima at Arti to hold a surprise party for her at the Villa Conchita Resort in the City of San Fernando last Friday (though her birthday was last January 24).

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The party was lacking of the grand preparations that usually characterize the birthday parties of this grand matriarch of the David clan. What lacked in decorations was filled by the pedigree of women members of Teatru Ima at Arti who took turns in greeting and applauding a woman that has indeed achieved so much in her life.

For she was an accomplished politician, a sturdy businesswoman and triumphant mother that has been facing personal and political challenges with a hearty grin and a proud chin at is always ready for the though trials but is only humbled with her penchant for public service.

For Board Member Edna David the party was a surprise and a realization that in the company of good and true friends, there is no need for grand decorations, dances and program. What she only needs is to feel that she is loved by her kin and those that form her “extended family”—her friends.

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