Monday July 23, 2018

Editorial: Mental training and character

MENTAL or psychological readiness is as important as nutrition and physical preparation for every athlete.

Doctor of Psychology Katrina Trinidad of St. Luke's Medical Center, in one of the Sports Science seminars organized by the Philippine Sports Commission and Philippine Sports Institute (PSC-PSI), cited psychological attributes as pertaining to confidence, concentration, consistency and control. Most of these attributes seemed to be absent in most of the Gilas Pilipinas players and coaches and few Australia Boomers who figured in the controversial brawl during their first round clash in the 2019 Fiba World Cup Asian Qualifiers at the Philippine Arena in Bocaue, Bulacan Monday evening, July 2.

Losing control of one's emotions showed how ill-prepared the players, including Gilas coaches, were psychologically. How to overcome bullying, taunting, intimidation and racist remarks before, during and after every game is part of mental training as these, most often than not, are a given especially in a spectacle as the Fiba World Cup qualifiers.

They just simply lost control when they could have overlooked the insult and continued on with the game at hand just like what Gilas players June Mar Fajardo, Gabe Norwood and Davao City's very own Baser Amer did. The three played not as their own but as Filipino athletes worthy to don the country's colors. They were there with a mission to play for the flag and for Filipinos around the world, not to nurse hurt egos nor get even with bullies.SEE MORE