Monday, September 24, 2018

Quick hits 19

Wacky Tech

JUST a couple of shares for this week. Redefining “short and sweet.”

No, really. It’s a short write up because I want you to watch the two videos instead.


I wanna share with you one video from YouTube. It’s about two things I love in this world - computer and photography. This is a video from a content creator i follow - Sara Dietschy. In the video, Sara walk us through no how to put together a hyperlapse and she edits it all in a Dell XPS 15 laptop. Honestly, that’s one laptop that I’m looking into as a possible replacement for my Macbook Pro. I can hear the Apple fans letting out that exasperated sigh.

Anyway, here’s the video. Enjoy!


I’m sure you already noticed by now that new icon on your Instagram app that takes you to their brand new service - IGTV. What’s it for? I’m not really sure yet. I’m trying to figure out how this IGTV fits in this video platform wars. YouTube, obviously, is still the de facto choice for a lot of us. But it’s quite interesting to know that Instagram getting into this game. We all know that there’s already a lot of us on Instagram. And we consume the content in that platform like a hungry great white is on the prowl for a prey.

Here’s a “rambly” video from Marques Brownlee (another YouTube content creator that I follow) as he talks about IGTV.