NATIONAL Bureau of Investigation (NBI) is now readying charges against Marlene Aguilar as accomplice to the crime of direct assault and attempted murder with frustrated murder that would be filed Jason Ivler.

The charges are in connection with the operation last January 18 when NBI agents swooped down Aguilar’s residence in Blue Ridge, Quezon City to arrest Ivler for allegedly killing the son of a Malacañang official during a traffic altercation last year.

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But the crime of illegal possession of firearm will no longer be filed as it is already absorbed in the direct assault charge.

Instead of turning himself in, Ivler instead traded shots with the NBI agents using an M16 armalite rifle and a .45 caliber pistol, injuring himself and two other agents during the fray.

Head agent Ross Bautista, executive officer of the Office Intelligence Services of NBI, said the charges against Aguilar will be filed after she was found to have been equipped with earpiece and gadget allegedly used in communicating with her son during the arrest.

“The filing of additional charges against Ivler was delayed after we found during the inventory of evidence the set of gadget like earpiece, mobile phone which Aguilar used in allegedly communicating with Ivler when we entered the house to serve the warrant of arrest against him,” he said.

Bautista said it was clear to the NBI agents during the arrest that Ivler knew the movements of the operatives.

“We strongly believe that our movements were being relayed by Aguilar to Ivler. We saw her that she seemed to be talking to someone and she has an earpiece.”

Ivler was tagged in the shooting to death of Renato Victor Ebarle Jr., son of Undersecretary Renato Ebarle Sr. who works in the Office of the Presidential Chief of Staff.

The NBI also dismissed the claims of Aguilar that his son was being framed up for the Ebarle murder by no less that their British bodyguard, Mark Hauser, who she said was the one who could have killed the victim.

Deputy Director for Technical Services lawyer Reynaldo Esmeralda said bureau operatives did not commit any violations on conducting arrest on him last January 18, and that no violations of his rights were committed.

Esmeralda said there is no need to investigate Hauser since there was no evidence to link him in the shooting to death of Ebarle. (JCV/Sunnex)