Monday July 23, 2018

Plastic, policies, and politics

HAS the world truly awakened to the reality of plastic suffocating our natural resources and threatening our food security?

In the past two months, governments and countries have celebrated numerous environmental events and launched campaigns with themes focused on reducing plastic pollution.

Although movements for zero-waste or plastic-free living have been born long before, discussions on reducing plastic waste seem to recently have taken its place in mainstream consciousness. There seems to be a momentum for people advocating against single-use plastic.

But as politicians point out, any move to regulate or ban plastic use is seen as inconvenient for the majority of the voting population and key economic drivers.

Politicians who support plastic regulation policies see that in their travels to other cities around the world, they know that a society free from single-use plastic is possible and more sustainable, but at the same time, they cannot implement plastic regulation in their hometowns because they will anger voters in wet markets and the business sector

Not only will vendors and business owners find it inconvenient to dispense products and complain about lack of alternatives, but buyers are also burdened.SEE MORE