Monday July 23, 2018

Organique Acai berry and a Cebuano couple's remarkable success story

FOR Joseph Elton and Catherine Salimbangon, the husband and wife team behind the now phenomenal global brand Organique Acai, the journey toward health and wellness started almost a decade ago while they were yet working in the US.

Elton worked in a health beverage manufacturing company, while Cathy, a registered nurse with an international license, worked in a nursing home for the elderly. The daily stresses somehow took their toll on the health of the couple who worked very hard, while they were yet raising small children. They realized how ironical that they were not feeling healthy and yet, they were in the health industry.

Cathy, vice president of Organique Inc., recalls: "One day, I noticed the appearance of one of my elderly patients, about 70 years old. His skin was glowing, he looked fresh, energetic and yes, he jogged daily! I got curious, because after the day is over, I never have enough energy left. I found the answer on his bedside table. He was taking daily a jigger of this no-brand purplish fruit juice extract. Elton and I researched about learned it was a super fruit that came all the way from the Brazilian Amazon rainforest. That's when it all clicked. Eureka!"

"We didn't see it merely as a business opportunity, but a means to help improve the health of many of our kababayans here," shares Elton, president and CEO of Organique Inc.

And so, in 2010, the couple packed their bags and returned to the Philippines to begin their painstaking task of introducing an awesome beverage -- a purple-colored all-natural fruit juice with delicious chocolate berry taste and without any preservatives -- that contains phytochemicals, powerful levels of antioxidants to boost a person's sagging immune system and enable him/her to combat free radicals, toxins and other harmful viruses.SEE MORE