Sunday, September 23, 2018

Organique Acai berry and a Cebuano couple's remarkable success story

FOR Joseph Elton and Catherine Salimbangon, the husband and wife team behind the now phenomenal global brand Organique Acai, the journey toward health and wellness started almost a decade ago while they were yet working in the US.

Elton worked in a health beverage manufacturing company, while Cathy, a registered nurse with an international license, worked in a nursing home for the elderly. The daily stresses somehow took their toll on the health of the couple who worked very hard, while they were yet raising small children. They realized how ironical that they were not feeling healthy and yet, they were in the health industry.

Cathy, vice president of Organique Inc., recalls: "One day, I noticed the appearance of one of my elderly patients, about 70 years old. His skin was glowing, he looked fresh, energetic and yes, he jogged daily! I got curious, because after the day is over, I never have enough energy left. I found the answer on his bedside table. He was taking daily a jigger of this no-brand purplish fruit juice extract. Elton and I researched about learned it was a super fruit that came all the way from the Brazilian Amazon rainforest. That's when it all clicked. Eureka!"

"We didn't see it merely as a business opportunity, but a means to help improve the health of many of our kababayans here," shares Elton, president and CEO of Organique Inc.

And so, in 2010, the couple packed their bags and returned to the Philippines to begin their painstaking task of introducing an awesome beverage -- a purple-colored all-natural fruit juice with delicious chocolate berry taste and without any preservatives -- that contains phytochemicals, powerful levels of antioxidants to boost a person's sagging immune system and enable him/her to combat free radicals, toxins and other harmful viruses.

"It was opportune, too, as the government's awareness efforts were becoming aggressive in making people understand the value of health and how neglecting or abusing it will impact their lives and that of their love ones, eventually," says Cathy.

For the past 10 years, diseases like diabetes, stroke, heart attack, hypertension and even cancer have hogged the health news here and abroad and this is due to patients living an abusive lifestyle -- poor sleeping, diet and eating habits, smoking, alcohol and substance abuse.

The acai berry is this generation's phenomenal discovery, harvested from the deep jungles of the Amazon in Brazil.

Armed with faith in their vision and in the product's superior health benefits, the Salimbangons persevered. The couple is very much hands on, even up to now. Investing their earning and savings, they started out initially through personal selling and online marketing, explaining tirelessly to every inquiry the exceptional nutritional value of acai berry.

Sales steadily poured in and consequently grew when strategic media efforts was launched which helped gain wider audience base for Organique Acai Berry that resulted in a significant window in the retail market (like Mercury Drug, Watsons and in major drugstores and supermarkets nationwide).

In a matter of five years, Organique Inc. gained credible and admirable standing amongst its peers in business, and equally too, for its unique product Organique Acai Berry, which is now an indispensable health supplement staple for thousands upon thousands of Filipinos, of all ages, regardless of their health disposition.

The reason for the company's remarkable success? "We believed it can succeed and it did! There were sleepless nights, and so many challenges as in any start-up business, but we were determined. For one, we emphasized in all our interviews and talks that Organique Acai Berry is not just a drink but a lifestyle that one embraces. We walk our talk. And when a person makes a lifestyle change, his or her health improves. We never made exaggerated claims. We let the product - Organique Acai Berry prove its worth." And it did.

Thousands of testimonials from happy, satisfied users of Organique Acai Berry who continue to patronize the brand to this day cannot be wrong. The dream of bringing good health to benefit Filipinos, is definitely a remarkable success story, one Cebuano couple's journey written in hard work, perseverance, honesty, and of course, labor of love.

As the recipient of distinguished accolades and recognition in the Agora Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Entrepreneurship - Medium Scale, Asian Entrepreneur of the Year, Elton and Cathy have all the reasons to happily raise a toast to this superfood, the super healthy, super-delicious, superbrand "Organique Acai Berry."

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