Monday, September 24, 2018

Editorial: Bigger Kadayawan for and by Dabawenyos

THE Kadayawan Executive Committee promises a bigger celebration this August, and a more colorful one.

Among others, the big hit that was the Kadayawan Village in Magsaysay Park, which featured the 11 tribes both indigenous and settlers to Davao City, will be refurbished and be made to cover a much bigger area for bigger space to interact and learn. As it will be spread out in a much bigger area in the park, the village will feature a walking tour by trained tourist guides.

The millennials, GenZ, and the creatives will also have a new venue to show their talents in Kosplay Kadayawan, a cosplay competition in search for the best and most attractive costume with the Philippine Eagle, a national bird and one other Davao icon, as inspiration.

There is every reason to celebrate and bring in friends to see the wonder that is Davao City. We've been the target of just about every anti-government persona, and the only way to counter all these negative attacks is to be at our best, no matter what.

Anyway, we are very sure of who we are and how we have collectively helped our city become what it is today, there is every reason to celebrate.

But then again, just as a reminder... we're still Davao City, that booming city in the middle of Mindanao where terrorists are still hiding and take every opportunity to practice their terrorist moves in. Let us take this opportunity once again to show what a community spirit is all about.

Let us always be wary of the goings on in our communities and report suspicious activities to the authorities. Let us make it easy for peacekeepers to do their work by cooperating with whatever needs to be done. If there are inspections, then just line up and be inspected. No need to rant, no need to get ahead of everybody, just line up and wait for your turn. If as before backpacks will be discouraged, then leave your backpacks at home and bring some other bags.

The success of Kadayawan Festival lies not only on the committees tasked to run it but also on each and every Dabawenyo, whether as performers and participants, promenaders, or host to visitors.