Monday, September 24, 2018

Buguias to revitalize karatedo training

THE revival of Karatedo to be incorporated in self-defense training is being pushed in a bid to counteract flogging and assaults and minimize injuries during an attack.

Buguias Mayor Ruben Tinda-an said they are to continue ongoing self- defense training for Barangay Peacekeeping Action Teams (BPATs) including police personnel in the municipality.

“We will reintroduce self-defense training to BPATS and will be formalized under the police training,” he added.

Tinda-an, a Shotokan Karate sixth dan black belt holder, said they start training after new BPATs will be assigned.

The mayor, also the chief instructor of the Shin-Shin Karatedo in La Trinidad added since the BPATs training last year, most are already green belt holder and has joined tournaments.

Tinda-an added they are also eyeing to open slots for children expressing interest on the sport.

An honorarium from the municipality is given to instructors, added the mayor, who recently re-affiliated with the Japan Karate Association, one of the oldest and influential Shotokan karate organizations in the world.

Buguias Municipal Police Chief of Police Senior Inspector Dexter Simon backs the self-defense training for police and BPATs in the municipality, adding this will further be an additional knowledge and skill for authorities.