Monday, September 24, 2018

Marvil: Public consultations set

Council Reports

THE City Council has scheduled a series of public consultations to discuss various proposed measures in order to gather inputs, recommendations and suggestions relative to these proposals.

On Wednesday, July 18, 2018, at 8 a.m., the Committee on Ethics, Governmental Affairs and Personnel (EGAP), Committee on Public Protection and Safety, and Peace and Order and the Committee on Education, Culture and Historical Research will conduct a Joint Public Consultation regarding the following proposed measures: Proposed Ordinance No. 0162-17 [Prohibiting Drunk Passengers to Board any Public Utility Vehicles in Baguio City], Proposed Ordinance No. 0054-18 [Requiring All Business Establishments Serving Liquors Within the Territorial Jurisdiction of Baguio to Designate a Personnel to Serve as Barker for Their Drunk Customer/s and Providing Penalties Therefore],

Proposed Ordinance no. 0099-18 [Amending Ordinance Numbered 66, Series of 1995 entitled Requiring All Jeepney Operators and Drivers Associations in the City of Baguio to Provide Jeepney Units for Passengers until 9 o’clock in the Evening], Proposed Ordinance No. 0061-18 [Imposing the Collection from Every Residence in All Barangays in the City of Baguio the Amount of Twenty Pesos (P20.00) to Augment the Monthly Honorarium of Barangay Tanods] and Proposed Ordinance No. 0122-17 [Prohibiting Truancy in Baguio City].

Meanwhile, the Committee on Employment, Livelihood, Cooperatives, and Persons with Disabilities has also scheduled a dialogue on July 26, 2018, Thursday, 1PM to discuss Proposed Ordinance No. 0109-18 [An Ordinance Establishing a Community-Based Rehabilitation (CBR) Training and Diagnostic Center for Persons with Disabilities in the City of Baguio, Adopting a Comprehensive Program Therefor, and for other purposes].

The said public consultations will both be held at the Multipurpose Hall, Baguio City Hall.