Monday July 23, 2018

Minda drums up support for agri

JOB GENERATION THRU AGRI. Minda Assistant Secretary Romeo Montenegro said there is a need to focus on the agriculture job generation in Mindanao. (Jennie P. Arado)

IN ORDER to fill in and meet the demands of about 5.2 million jobs in Mindanao from 2016-2020, a Mindanao Development Authority (Minda) official is calling for a devoted support for the agriculture sector given that majority of the workers in Mindanao are linked to the agriculture value chain.

According to Minda Assistant Secretary Romeo Montenegro, the World Bank came out with a study in 2016 called the Mindanao Jobs Report, which projected that from 2016-2020Mindanao will be generating about 5.2 million jobs that would need to be filled in. Montenegro said this study was supported by Minda and has since been used for guidance of concerned government agencies in terms of employment.

He also added that in Mindanao, six out of 10 employees are working under jobs that are part of the agriculture value chain which, he said, should all the more make agriculture the center of devoted support.

“If we don’t do anything with the rural areas to develop agriculture, jobs are going to be created here in the cities but [these are going to be] informal jobs, not sustainable, and lacking in the needed social protection and opportunity for growth or career progression,” said Montenegro.SEE MORE