Monday, September 24, 2018

5 reasons to fly to Tokyo on PAL’s Business Class

One of the perks of PAL Business Class passengers is access to Mabuhay Lounge. (Contributed photo)

FLYING Philippine Airline’s Business Class is always a good idea. True, it may cost more but hey, the perks that come with it is incomparable. Comfort may come at a price and it’s worth your every centavo. Here’s what the 4-Star airline can offer:

1. The convenience of a connecting flight

You have several choices when and where to exit the country, Cebu or Manila. Having chosen your most ideal time, you only have to check-in once. In Davao, you get the two boarding passes for Davao and Cebu/Manila departures. You can pick up your luggage in Tokyo.

2. You’re on top of the priority list

A designated check-in line, priority boarding. No waiting in line. Your boarding pass gives access to a red carpet of sorts.

3. Access to the Mabuhay Lounge

It’s your own waiting lounge with amenities—comfortable lounging areas, computer station, reading materials, private restroom, beverage stations and a buffet, which includes the famous congee.

It can get too relaxing that you might forget about boarding time. Be mindful of that.

4. Food and entertainment in the plane

Hot meals are served for everyone in the plane but in this section, it’s special. The menu is conceived by renowned chefs and food is served in a fancy way, like you’re in a restaurant—cocktail first, starter, main then dessert.

The Tokyo flight has a Japanese bento box meal option. Consider it the prelude to your Japanese cultural immersion.

5. The most comfortable seat

This is the best part. You travel on a wide seat with generous leg room to stretch your longest legs. The seat has a recline option that can turn to a bed in the sky. It’s your choice to stay awake and enjoy the in-flight entertainment or drift off to a restful slumber. Either way, you arrive to your destination fresh and energized.