Monday July 23, 2018

Sangil: ‘Advance akong mag-isip’

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“ADVANCE akong mag-isip.” The new street lingo. And this item is for the millennials. Many years ago however, when a friend will claim that he had only three preoccupation and these are ABS, it means Alak, Babae, Sugal. I want to tell you about my friend Rico Guilas, a retired district engineer of Department of Public Works and Highways. No one can match Rico when delivering a punchline. He regularly regale with his jokes his many friends at Monday Club, Wednesday Club and Rotary Club of Angeles where he is an outstanding member. And if not cracking one he will advance a sociological situation.

He said most men, poor and rich will have enjoyed drinking, having chicks on the side, and may have played cards, went to watch cockfighting derbies or enjoyed betting at the casinos.

But somehow, as one grows older, the doctors will advise you to stop drinking. Your fatty liver is already a cause for concern. You either lose your appetite on women, and ladies are no longer interested in you. Somehow you are now disconnected with the thrill the two has provided you over the years, and only gambling can give you excitement even if you are at the edge of twilight years, according to Rico. I am also a witness to how older people, even on wheelchairs, are playing small time on slot machines just to while their time. I remember former Governor Cong Quitong Nepomuceno and wife the late Atsing Saning whonever missed playing mahjong in the afternoon when going out of the house was already a no-no.

I have several friends spending their afternoons at the Villa Angela tennis court club house where buddies play tong-its, a local card game. Once or twice a week I drop-by and there is a table for tong-its that if you lose two hundred pesos for 4 hours of playing you must be really unlucky. The excitement of gambling will never escape even those people in wheelchair.SEE MORE