Monday July 23, 2018

Limlingan: On Oplan Rody

The advocate

IF THE Pampanga Provincial Police Office is to be asked on Oplan Rody (Rid the Streets of Drunkards and Youth) that is now being implemented in the province, the same means the mere implementation of local ordinances and is not a crackdown of loiterers or “tambays”.

Despite the disparagements on the nationwide “disciplining” of tambays in the country especially the youth, the said police office said that it is implementing ordinances aimed at promoting discipline especially among the youth.

So what’s wrong with the activity when it is aimed at helping promote peace and order especially during night time? For some, they say it is a party of the government’s militarization of the streets while for some it means a prelude to a much stricter implementation of an iron fist rule such as that during the martial law period.

The Philippine National Police (PNP) meanwhile said that it is the mere implementation of local ordinances that sets curfew hours, prohibiting alcohol drinking and being shirtless in public. If only the implementation of the said local laws that is to be strictly enforced, it shall indeed immensely contribute to the maintenance of peace and order in communities.SEE MORE